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5 Responses to “J.c.”

  1. CC Says:

    I think these nasty pictures should not be allowed on pic rank. People put pics of thier kids and families on here. I do not like seeing vaginas and penis’s on here. It is just wrong.

  2. Connie Stary Says:

    How do others who post pics of self, kids, and families stand any chance of winning against these nasty pictures? I cannot support pic rank anymore. Please take my picture off and take your site off my facebook page. Your website sucks.

  3. Jojo Says:

    Luvin it babe

  4. kevin Ambale Says:

    such post never be good stop it!let as be good people respect.

  5. Deryl Says:

    Sme1 email me @ derylhavnar19@ovi.com

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